First Holy Communion 2020

The time has come for us to conclude the First Holy Communions for the Class of 2020.

We are asking the Monday and Tuesday groups to come to a meeting on Friday 11th September at 6pm. This will be their last session. It will be held in the church and we ask each child to be accompanied by one parent. The meeting will last no more than 40 minutes and we will be observing social distancing while on site. We also suggest that adults wear a face covering.

Fr. Jackson is going to invite his candidates to receive their Communion at 10am on Saturday 12th September.

Other parents are asked to ring the Parish Office (020 8654 1709) to sign up to one of the following services:

  • 12th   September,  5.30pm
  • 13th   September, 10am
  • 19th   September, 10am or 5.30pm
  • 20th   September, 10am
  • 26th   September, 10am or 5.30pm
  • 27th   September, 10am

There are six places on offer at each Mass, which will be issued on a first come, first served basis, and 48 places for 43 candidates.

Each family will have one long pew towards the front of the Nave, so we trust you will manage your guest list accordingly (family and grandparents in your bubble!).

The Priest who conducts the Mass will be available for photos afterwards, although time will be limited when another Mass follows.