Baptisms at Our Lady’s

The Baptism Preparation Team at Our Lady’s is made up of a group of parents who have gone through the sacrament of baptism with their own children and have a desire to share their learnings and experience.

The classes run once a month on a Saturday. Attendees include first time parents, those who have gone through the preparation process before, parents who are new to our parish or to the United Kingdom, parents returning to church, and parents who have elected to have an older child baptised.

As well as working through standard baptism preparation, the team seeks to engage attendees by: sharing personal experiences of baptism; discussing what happens after a baptism; sharing tips for attending mass with babies; discussing how to start simple prayers as a family; and thinking about the challenges being a parents brings.

The ways in which families can integrate into the wider parish community are also considered.

To arrange a baptism, please contact the Parish Office in the first instance.

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