Recycling in the church porch

The following items are recycled by the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation group in the parish: computer cartridges; milk bottle tops; blister packs; used stamps.

We organise the recycling either to make money for charity or to make it easier for parishioners to recycle the items.

Please note: only the actual milk bottle tops are accepted for recycling.

Used stamp

Why should we recycle?

Catholic Social Teaching has long recognised the importance of looking after our environment.

In his letter to everyone living on the earth, Laudato Si, Pope Francis encourages us to care for our common home and recognise environmental stewardship as a Christian responsibility.

Bishop John Arnold, the environmental lead of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, writes:

“We are a people of hope who believe in redemption. We must study the signs of the times and take the action that is needed to repair our relationship with God’s creation.

“As is made clear in The Call of Creation, the exercise of the virtue of solidarity and the promotion of the common good, which are so
needed at this time, are the responsibility of each and every individual and institution in society.”

To care for our common home, we are called as Christians to take individual responsibility for our actions, including recycling.

At Our Lady’s, we have been recycling some items for a few years now.

What can we recycle in church?

Computer cartridges are recycled by ‘Empties Please’, who send any funds we raise by recycling to CAFOD.

Milk bottle tops are recycled to raise money for A Rocha, a Christian environmental charity. Please note: only the milk bottle tops are accepted for recycling, not other bottle tops.

Used stamps are sent to a variety of charities to raise income.

Blister packs are recycled at Superdrug as these are not accepted for recycling by other pharmacists. Blister packs are the metal foil/plastic material packaging used to store tablets.

We no longer recycle household batteries as these are recycled by Sainsbury’s in Lower Addiscombe, Crystal Palace and West Wickham, as well as in some Tesco stores and City Plumbing in Elmer’s End.

Where can we recycle in church?

The recycling boxes for computer cartridges, milk bottle tops, blister packs and used stamps can be found in the church porch under the table on the right of the porch as you enter.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about recycling in our parish, please contact Chris Sciberras at