Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation Group

The Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation Group (JPIC) is concerned with the planet and the people on it. It focuses on matters such as climate change, the plight of refugees, fracking, food banks, trafficking and homelessness. Members seek to work with others to tackle these with a philosophy of “think globally, act locally”.

Our Lady’s Parish collects supplies for the food bank at New Addington and arranges recycling of milk bottle tops, computer cartridges, blister packs and used stamps.

We lobby the Council and Parliament on a variety of issues while seeking to keep parishioners aware of issues they should know about.

JPIC Group update 14 April 2022

Are you worried about climate change, poverty in this country and in developing countries, pollution and refugees? We have seen how Our Lady’s responds to such issues – the massive reaction to the Ukraine crisis, the monthly donation of goods for the food bank, the support for a refugee family, and the ongoing recycling of milk bottle tops in the church porch – these all point to a parish wanting to help where and when it can.

What is the JPIC Group?

We are a group of Catholics at Our Lady’s who try to put Catholic Social Teaching into practice. We take our inspiration from Pope Francis, who in his last encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, urges us to build a more just and peaceful world with the contribution of all: people and institutions.

The group is happy to speak with anyone wanting a way to do something to take forward the Pope’s vision at the local level, and to assist the parish as a body to move forward in that direction, too. Your energy can join with that of others:  when we act together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

If you want to improve this world for us now, for later generations, for refugees, families and the world at large, please contact Andy Bebington (andy.bebington@gmail.com) or Chris Sciberras (sciberraschris7@gmail.com/020 8654 6150).