Young Christian Workers

Young Christian Workers (YCW) is a national Christian youth organisation with branches all over the country. We have our own branch based at Our Lady’s.ycw_logo

YCW meets regularly with adult companions in an informal, relaxed setting. They catch up with other members on their news from the previous week and, using the famous method of ‘See, Judge, Act’, they explore issues together, getting to grips with real situations happening around them, reflecting on them in light of gospel values and committing themselves to take action. Through this process of reflection and action the YCW helps young people grow in confidence and responsibility, using their skills and talents to the full. They become ‘leaders’ in their own lives and in the communities in which they live, making a positive contribution to

A small group meets regularly at Church and members are
enabled, in a fun way, to share issues that concern them, to reflect together in faith and to commit to make a difference.

When does the group meet?

We get together every Friday evening in the Parish Resource
Centre from 7.30- 9pm.

Who can join?

The group at Our Lady’s is for young people aged 13-18 and is particularly suitable for those who have recently started the Confirmation Programme and now wish to explore
their faith further.


What sort of things do we do?

To date, the group has undertaken  a number of projects including:

  • Running together at the Race for Life at Crystal Palace to raise funds for Cancer Research.
  • Lobbying their MP at the House of Commons on the issue of youth poverty.
  • Organising the Church Toy Procession at Christmas, collecting and sorting the toys and taking them to the Croydon Refugee Centre.

And sometimes we just sit, chat and eat chocolate!

Would I have to come every week?

No! You can come as often as you like.  You can even come along and just try it out if you wish.

How do I join?

Simply send an email to the Church office at and it will be passed on to the Adult Companions, who will then contact you.

For more information, visit the National YCW website:

 Ian Dixie and Gill Slater

Adult Companions, Addiscombe YCW