St Vincent de Paul (SVP)

SVP is an international organisation, in which volunteers offer their time and friendship to people and various causes.  In Our Lady’s parish, our SVP group:

  • Visit & befriend those who might like some company and st vincent de paul bannerfriendship, some of whom may be sick.  We usually visit people in their homes, usually on Tuesday evenings or, sometimes during the day om Tuesdays.
  • Each year, we make roughly a thousand visits, in addition to hosting SVP events in the parish.

During the year, through an annual parish collection to help to support our voluntary activities, we aim to:

  • arrange a mass & blessing for the sick of our parish;
  • host a summer party and a winter party as social occasions for as many of those whom we visit are able to attend;
  • arrange a visit to Aylesford Priory for our SVP parishioners who might like to attend and are able to travel;
  • donate funds to our sister SVP conference in Uttar Pradesh, India;
  • donate funds to disaster relief, if we are able and when needed;
  • sponsor one or two youngsters to attend the John Bosco Summer Camp.

NB: we have all been DBS-checked and, when we visit, we do so only when asked, usually in pairs.

If you might like to be visited or if you know of anybody in our parish who might like to be visited, then please contact Noel Vas at or via Our Lady’s parish office.